G.W.F. Hegel




About Us

GWFHegel.Org is a non-profit dedicated website for the purpose of achieving the following ambitious but realistic aims:

  1. To help professionals and the public in the world-at-large to better understand and appreciate the philosophy of G.W.F. Hegel.

  2. To present the fact that Hegel has developed the Scientific method of Philosophy based on self-developing thought through which the various concepts of philosophy are generated as a systematic whole.

  3. To present the details of that method in a comprehensible way.

  4. To point out that the conclusive result of that system is the Absolute Truth, Idea or Divine Personality, which is an intrinsic totality of unity and multiplicity.

  5. To present Hegel's Philosophy of Nature in a consistent and lucid way so that its relevance and importance to modern science may be clearly understood and utilized.

  6. To show how Hegel has given Western philosophy a scientific method for comprehending Eastern philosophy in a harmonious and non-reductionistic way.

  7. To accomplish these goals through educational publications on the web, printing books and producing multimedia CD-ROMs, etc.