G.W.F. Hegel




English Translations of
Other Writings by Hegel

Early Theological Writings [Tübingen, Berne, Frankfurt 1790s] tr. T.M. Knox 1948, reprinted 1971

The Difference Between Fichte’s and Schelling’s System of Philosophy (the ‘Differenzschrift’) [Jena 1801], tr. H.S. Harris and W. Cerf 1977

Natural Law [Jena 1802], tr. T.M. Knox 1975

Faith and Knowledge [Jena 1802] tr. W. Cerf and H.S. Harris 1977

System of Ethical Life and First Philosophy of Spirit [Jena 1802-3, 1803-4], tr. H.S. Harris and T.M. Knox 1979. These are the first two versions of Hegel’s Jena philosophy of spirit.

The Jena System 1804-5: Logic and Metaphysics [Jena 1804-5], tr. J. Burbidge and G. di Giovanni 1986

Hegel and the Human Spirit [Jena 1805-6], tr. L. Rauch 1983. This is the third version of the Jena philosophy of spirit

The Philosophical Propaedeutic [Nürnberg 1809?], tr. A.V. Miller, 1986

Lectures on Natural Right and Political Science [Heidelberg, 1817-18] tr. J.M. Stewart and P.C. Hodgson 1995

Hegel: The Letters, tr. C. Butler and C. Seiler 1984

‘Aphorisms from the wastebook’ [1803-6], Independent Journal of Philosophy 3, 1979, pp. 1-6

‘Who thinks abstractly?’ [c. 1808], in Kaufmann "Hegel: Reinterpretation, Texts and Commentary", pp. 461-465

‘Reason and religious truth’ [1821], foreword to H. Hinrich "Religion in its Inner Relation to Science", in F. Weiss ed. "Beyond Epistemology: New Studies in the Philosophy of Hegel", pp. 227-244

A reasonably complete edition of Hegel’s works in German is published by Suhrkamp as Hegel: Werke, 20 volumes